I’m currently Associate Professor of Computer Science at BMCC, CUNY in New York City, and I’m also a senior researcher at City College Visual Computing Research Laboratory. My research interests are in the fields of 3D Computer Modeling, Visualization of Large-Scale Scene, Image Understanding, Video Mining and Mobile Vision and Navigation and the applications in assistive technology for blind people.

Prospective students – I am looking for motivated students to work with me on some interesting research projects in both regular semesters and summer sessions. If you are interested, please contact with me at htang at bmcc dot cuny dot edu.

10/18 Congratulations! Erii (the former RA) will start her first job as a Software Engineer Apple at CA since Jan. 2019.

8/18 Dr Tang and his team won National Science Foundation research grant –PFI-RP: SMART AND ACCESS TRANSPORT HUB 2018-2021. The team will work with industry partners to build a smart and easy transportation facility (Lighthouse Guid, NY/NJ port authority, NJ transit, NYC Office of the Mayor) in NYC metropolitan.

9/17 Our team won National Science Foundation research planning grant –Towards Smart and Accessible Transportation Hub – Research Capacity Building and Community Engagement 2017-2019.

4/17 Dr Tang has received PSC-CUNY Research Grant 2017-2018. 

10/16 Dr Tang has received CUNY GC ILE Research Grant (Co-PI), PI: Dr. Ling Luo at Modern Languages). Oct 2016 – June 2017 from CUNY Graduate Center. 

8/16 Dr Tang has received CCRG Research Grant (PI). Sept 2016 – June 2017 from University Grants & Research Office, CUNY. 

5/13 Congratulations! Our team VeriPAD won Zahn Social Impact Prize of the 2016 CCNY Entrepreneurship Competition ($25,000). Dr. Tang mentored the team to design a machine learning algorithm to authenticate medications for low and middle income countries. Testing will begin in Kenya and Lebanon this summer.

4/16 Dr Tang has received College Faculty Development Grant (PI). May 2016 – April 2017 

2/16 Dr Tang has received Research Grant (PI). March 2016 – December 2017 from U.S. Department of Homeland Security

11/15  Jeury, Norbu and Olysses have received a travel award from NSF to support them to present our papers at ERN conference, Washington DC, Feb 2016.

8/15 Jeury won the best Poster/Demo award in the NSF-REM Reviewing Meeting at CCNY, selected by external panelists invited from the government, academia and industry, Aug, 2015.

7/15 Dr. Tang presented his research “Crowd Analysis using Visual Data” at Port Authority at New York & New Jersey, Department of Homeland Security.

5/15 Rodny (the former RA) will go to Apple at CA for 2015 summer intern.

5/15 Dr Tang has received Summer Research Team Award from U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The team also includes one PhD student Greg Olmschenk and one undergraduate student David Zeng, both from CUNY.

5/15 Jeury, Norbu and Olysses are accepted by NSF REM Summer Research Program.

4/15 Dr Tang has received PSC-CUNY (Traditional B) research award 2015 – 2016.

1/15 Jeury was accepted NYC-LSAMP Research  program, starting from Jan. 2015.

11/14  Jeury, Huang and Jiayi have received travel award from NSF to support them to present our papers at ERN conference, Washington DC, Feb 2015.

9/14 Huang and Jianxin joined CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP).

8/14 Jeury, Jiayi and Huang have successfully completed the summer REM research program and they presented their research work at CCNY REM workshop.

7/14 Rodny graduated and got admission in Computer Science at the City College of New York, he will continue working on the research project after transfer Fall 2014.

7/14 Ryan graduated and got admission in Computer Science at Columbia University, he will transfer to Columbia Fall 2014.

5/14 Jeury, Jiayi and Huang were selected to participate the NSF-CCNY REM program (6/15 – 8/22).

4/14 Dr Tang has received PSC-CUNY research award (Traditional B) 2014 – 2015.

3/14 CCNY REM 14, we are looking for research assistants for REM summer research projects, candidates are expected to work on various research projects for 10 weeks at CCNY, June 16-August 22, and then continue working on the same project during one year. They will present their research work at the CCNY student research symposium and national REM conference at Washington, D.C. Here is the link to apply

3/14 Jiayi and Rodny have successfully presented their research work in the Presentation Day.

3/14 Rodny got two offers of Summer research Intern from Michigan State University and UPitts & CMU.

2/14 Rodny and I attended the ERN conference at Washington DC.

1/14 Congratulations! Alex got admission in Computer Science at Columbia University, he will transfer to Columbia Spring 2014.

11/13 Rodny and Alex have received travel award from NSF to support them to present our papers at ERN conference, Washington DC, Feb 2014,

8/13 Ryan DeCosmo and Alex Sato have successfully completed the summer REM research program.

6/13 Congratulations! Rodny Perez was accepted NYC-LSAMP Summer Research  program, a ten-week research program with financial support from NSF. The program is very competitive and he is one of two students in Computer Science major at whole CUNY colleges.

6/13 Both Alex Sato and Ryan DeCosmo were selected to participate the NSF REM program. Ryan and Dr. Tang will go to The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University for a ten-week research program. Alex will do research at City College Visual Computing Lab.

5/13 Congratulations! Our team GesTherapy won Dean’s Prize of the 2013 CCNY Kaylie Entrepreneurship Competition ($25,000). The team started to work with Dr. Tang on research projects using Kinect motion sensor since Summer 2012.

4/13 Dr Tang has received PSC-CUNY research award (Traditional B) 2013 – 2014.

4/13 Our two papers were accepted by IEEE International conference on Multimedia and Expo. “Smart sampling and transducing 3D scenes for the visually impaired” was selected into the best paper award finalist!

1/13 Rodny Perez was accepted NYC-LSAMP Research  program and the topic of his research project will be “Detection of MTA Train Door Using SmartPhone”.

Contact Information

(212) 220-1479 (Office)
Department of Computer Science

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